C 400Z


Our C 400Z also impresses with its modern, elegant design an innovative technology. The ergonomic inclined bed design with linear guidance in the x- and z-axes allows a perfect view of the tool an unhindered access when setting up the machine.This is not only time-saving and convenient, it is also the bases for high-precision word and maximum position accuracy.


  • Jig and mould making
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Training and further engineering
  • Research and development workshops

Special features: 

  • Modern control from simple cycles to complete processing
  • Ergonomic GDW-machine design
  • Generous working area
  • Free view of the machining process
  • Flexible tool system from manual to automatic tool change
  • C-axes with driven tools
  • Comfortable chip disposal
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Linear guidance for high position accuracy
  • Patented guide protection
  • High safety standard: electronic spindle brake, double sliding doors withsafety glass
  • Measuring equipment on the machine and lockabel storage space for tooland clamping devices

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